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Restoring WSH File Associations

I have both Visual Studio .NET 2005 Express as well as Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed on my PC. I just installed Service Pack 1 for VS 2003. For some reason this decided to take over file associations for things … Continue reading

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PHP Tip of the Day: Array Indexing

Ok, I’m not really going to do a PHP tip every day, but here’s something I learned the hard way. I normally don’t index an array like this, but for some reason one day I decided to try it and … Continue reading

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The Black Friday Obsession

This Black Friday shopping thing is just totally weird when you step back and take a look at it. I have a really hard time understanding the appeal of standing in line in the cold, hours on end to save … Continue reading

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Google Code Searches

There are some interesting things out there that people are doing with the new Code Search feature that Google released last week. I couldn’t resist coming up with a couple interesting searches of my own.

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Dell De-Crapifier Follow-up

I must say, that I had no idea that this little script would generate so much interest! The last few days have been quite busy for the website. I’ve been reading over all of the comments, and I just wanted to respond to some of them. I also would like to elaborate a little further with some specific ways people can help contribute to the script if they would like. Continue reading

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Introducing the Dell De-Crapifier…

It’s a sad state of affairs when you buy a new computer these days and it comes pre-loaded with a ton of garbage software that brings your new machine to a crawl. If anyone’s bought a Dell PC in the last few years, you probably know what I’m talking about. Just recently I was helping a friend set up his brand new Inspiron 1300 and it took FOREVER for it to boot up. It’s a very dissatifiying experience to pull a brand new computer out of the box and be spammed with a bunch of trial software. After removing all of the crap, (wich took a significant amount of time) it booted much faster and performed like it should. I kept thinking it would be nice to have an automated way to remove all this stuff. Thus was born the Dell De-Crapifier script. Continue reading

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Excel ODBC Driver Woes

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that involves reading a batch of data using an ASP script. I wanted the bulk of the code to be able to operate on a standard MSSQL database OR read the same data from a static Excel file. On the surface, the Microsoft Excel ODBC driver seems like a natural choice. However, as you will see the best advice is to stay far, far away from this driver. Continue reading

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Writing an Exponent CMS Module

I recently wrote a plug-in module for Exponent CMS. I really like the CMS and is very capable to do what I would like. However, when I set out to write my own custom module, I found the documentation lacking. In this article, I’ll outline some tips to help you get started writing a module for Exponent CMS. Continue reading

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TMPGEnc Batch List Creator

I’ve recently been using TMPGEnc to convert a bunch of AVI files into MPG. The program works great and has a lot of features. However, there is one major UI flaw when doing batch conversions. Here, I’ve got a solution for one way around it. Continue reading

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Where’s my Info Balloon?

I’ve recently discovered a problem with my dotNet program. Well, as I found out, it may not be a problem with my program. I display a maximized, borderless window (#1) and then transition to a normal, sizable bordered window (#2), which is also maximized. The borderless window, when maximized, covers the taskbar, which is fine. However window #1 creates window #2, which apparently also gives window #2 a higher z-order than the task bar. When window #2 finishes loading, it sends an event to window #1, instructing it to close. Continue reading

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