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MediaWiki Install Guide for 1and1

I ran into a little problem installing MediaWiki on my 1and1 host. The existing MediaWiki Install Guide is very thorough, but I put this post together to just to highlight where I had problems on my host.

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Backing Up Your Website and Database

If you’re like me and most anyone else, you’re probably not that great at backing up your PC. Which means you’re probably even worse at backing up your data on your website. For once, I’m attempting to be proactive and … Continue reading

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Writing an Exponent CMS Module

I recently wrote a plug-in module for Exponent CMS. I really like the CMS and is very capable to do what I would like. However, when I set out to write my own custom module, I found the documentation lacking. In this article, I’ll outline some tips to help you get started writing a module for Exponent CMS. Continue reading

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Title Bar with the URL in a Firefox Pop-up

Thanks to intrusive advertising, we sometimes forget that the browser pop-up functionality can actually be useful. In this particular case, I was playing with the Notify New Mail Popup plug-in for SquirrelMail the other day and I came across an interesting “feature” of Firefox. Continue reading

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Funnel Web Analyzer Custom Log Format

Recently, my friend Rob pointed me at a really cool program for doing statistical analysis on web logs. It’s called Funnel Web by Quest Software. After seeing the sample reports I was very impressed, but initially I had some problems setting it up to use the web logs from my hosting provider (1and1) Here’s how I fixed it. Continue reading

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