TMPGEnc Batch List Creator

I’ve recently been using TMPGEnc to convert a bunch of AVI files into MPG. The program works great and has a lot of features. However, there is one major UI flaw when doing batch conversions. Here, I’ve got a solution for one way around it.

TMPGEnc has a facility for doing batch jobs. However in order to do this, you still need to open EVERY file individually, apply the desired setting and save it to your batch list. Now, what if I have a whole folder of files that I want the exact same settings applied to? Can’t do it with TMPGEnc.

So, this is where I decided to write a VB script to create a TMPGEnc batch list file (.tbe). The procedure I chose is fairly simple.

  • First, start off by using TMPGEnc to create a batch list file and add just one file to it with the settings you want. Then save off that file.
  • Next, edit the tmpgenc-batchcreator.vbs script to tell it the file names and folders you are working with. All of the settings are clearly indicated near the top of the file.
  • Finally, run the script by double-clicking on it. When it completes, you will have a new .tbe file that contains a job for every file in the directory you specified.
  • Load up the .tbe file in TMPGEnc and hit convert. Then go to bed.

At a high level, the script essentially does a search and replace on the first file in the list and then duplicates that job for every file in the folder specified. The only “complex” thing it really has to do is recalcualte the file length that gets stored in the header of the .tbe file.

All of this was developed using TMPGEnc 2.524.63.181-Free.

The script is available HERE.

As always, if you have found this particularly useful, donations are gratefully accepted.

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6 Responses to TMPGEnc Batch List Creator

  1. Great idea. I was dealing with video conversions on a video-by-video basis, but this is perhaps not a reasonable way to work (especially if you have no free time). I’ll likely check out your script some time in the future.

  2. Jan says:


    I was looking for the exact thing ,
    tested this script and worked like a charm ,

    thanks a million mate,


  3. SFM says:

    Wow, I was frustrated – having zillions of files and spending all day testing converters. Found TMPGEnc to be the best – and then this problem.
    It is great that they allow separate settings, but the many-files-same-settings import is badly missed. Script spins like a mouse – if you have a paypal-acc. there’s 15 USD on the way…

  4. Andreas says:

    Thanks! That’s what I have searched for!
    But’s better to tell your users, that a virus scanning program might try to stop vb script!

    I don’t understand why TMPGEnc cannot add this simple feature!!!

  5. mewrio says:


    This script is incredibly useful, I have to say. But, does anyone know how to modify the script so that it will take files from subfolders, perhaps even putting the output files into the same subfolder as the source?

  6. Tony Lanson says:

    Totally awesome script. Works perfectly. I have been indivually loading dozens of AVIs at a time for batch processing. Now with a simple script edit to get my path pointers and file names correct I am off and running. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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