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PHP Tip of the Day: Array Indexing

Ok, I’m not really going to do a PHP tip every day, but here’s something I learned the hard way. I normally don’t index an array like this, but for some reason one day I decided to try it and … Continue reading

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Writing an Exponent CMS Module

I recently wrote a plug-in module for Exponent CMS. I really like the CMS and is very capable to do what I would like. However, when I set out to write my own custom module, I found the documentation lacking. In this article, I’ll outline some tips to help you get started writing a module for Exponent CMS. Continue reading

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Simple PHP Mailing List

I was recently looking for a very simple PHP mailing list script. I essentially wanted the ability to notifiy friends and family when I’ve updated a website with new pictures. I, of course, wanted unsubscribe capability, email confirmation and other simple features. I spend WAY too much time downloading and trying out free scripts on the web. So, I decided not to waste any more of my time and just created one of my own. Continue reading

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