The PC Decrapifier

The PC Decrapifier is designed to remove a specific list unwanted software in an unattended fashion.

Here you can get the latest download of the PC Decrapifier.


The PC Decrapifier will run on any Windows XP or Vista variant. The PC does not need to be new, however, the older the PC is, the less likely it will have any of the software that it can detect.

How it works

Simply download the file above, and run the EXE. There is no installer necessary. If you have anti-virus software installed, it may complain about this program because it is written with a scripting language. These warnings can be safely ignored.

When it runs, you will be presented with a wizard style dialog box that steps you through the entire process .

You will be able to pick and choose what you want to remove.
It will not begin removing anything without prompting you first!
Hit the “Next” button and it will begin cleaning your PC. If it does not find anything a pop-up box will notify you of this and the program will exit and not modify your PC.


The PC Decrapifier is free for personal use, however if you use this program for commercial purposes, you will require a commercial license. The cost is $20 per “technician” (not per PC), which I think is really a bargain considering how much time you can save by using this program.

To purchase please see

119 Responses to The PC Decrapifier

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  7. Fred says:

    This program is superb!
    My worst nightmare is now automated!

  8. Ozh says:

    OK but does the Decrapifier uninstalls itself too ? 🙂

  9. Mark says:

    Wow. Thanks so much. I know just enough to be dangerous so I get to ‘process’ a new PC every time someone in my extended family gets one. I takes hours of course but this helps a lot.

    Clarify the instructions for us newbies. Step by step, even if it seems overtly obvious. I spent 20 minutes hunting around the site for instructions. Eventually I clicked, chose open, expanded everything and ran the exe. I still have no idea what AutoIT is.

    At one point a message from Mcaffee popped up saying it strongly suggested I restart the computer, and was I sure I wanted to continue without restarting. I said yes. Mcaffee was not removed. After a reboot and another run of your exe it did uninstall.

    AOL was not removed by your program however after many reboots and runs. It uninstalled fine manually using Add/Remove (apparently).

    By the way, why does the program not uninstall MyWay search assistant?

    Again, thanks so much for this.

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  11. sal says:

    Thanks, man I have been needing somehing like for a while. Will save me a lot of time in the future. W

  12. Hello,

    Could you could list the programs your PC (Dell) De-Crapifier removes by company name, product name and then version (if known and/or applicable)? I think that would make the list of programs it removes much easier to read.

    Also, “McAfee” is spelled with one “F,” not two.



    Aryeh Goretsky

  13. […]In order to keep low production margins profitable, PC manufacturers are now charging software companies for the right to pre-install their products on your new PC for a price. Unfortunately, most of whatever is installed, is absolute junk.[…]

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  17. Worried says:

    Having had to de-crapify a Dell PC manually I can only congratulate you on supplying this tool. My latest PC did not come from Dell – I just could not face the hassle.

    I know that Dell have to make up their profit margins from somewhere in their constant quest to undercut the market, but this level of constant pop-ups demanding registration etc is just not liveable with. I had to “clean” a Dell PC destined for someone of 80+, they just would not have known what to do about all the dross.

    Having had three Dells in a row it was nice to receive a PC that was configured as I ordered and I did not have to buy yet another set of unwanted Screen, Keyboard and Mouse. It would probably have been about £100 cheaper to buy a Dell, but the hassle factor just isn’t worth it.

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  20. JD says:

    Great program, although I had already removed all the processes and most of the files manually. Grr. McAfee is particularly persistent and obnoxious.

    But there are two remaining issues that Dell continues to haunt me with: 1) Dell’s hijacking of the IE homepage, no matter what I try. Set it to blank, the next launch it is back to Dell Support; 2) How Dell protects the system files and folders, making them impossible to alter. No matter what I do, I cannot change system files and folders from read-only (I’ve tried almost every hack, the -R bit that MS suggests, everything). This makes it impossible to add a hosts file to stop spyware (I used Bart’s PE to get around it, but there has to be a better way). Automate these two things, and it would be the perfect program.

  21. Kenneth says:

    Wanted to thank you for the fine scripting work. Saved me some time today setting up a couple new Dell’s! Keep up the great work!!

    I sure wish PC vendors would make software optional. Even something as simple as install on first use would sure help, then it could be just as easy as deleting some icons and the source MSI’s. Oh well.

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  23. Phillip Lerner says:

    I got a Dell a year ago and thought I had gotten rid of all the crap, but ran your program anyway. I sure was surprised to see how much more it removed. Great piece of work!

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  26. Sip says:

    Let’s hope that not only Dell is listening, but also every other manufacturer that craps all over new PCs with stuff nobody wants or uses. Getting rid of virtually everything but the OS is the first thing I do — with AOL and McAffee topping the list.

    I even went so far as to buy a “virgin” copy of Window$ to reformat new PC HDs and start with systems that actually perform per their specifications, and not like Yugos carrying loads of cement blocks.

  27. Stingray says:

    I got a new Dell about a month ago and despite my having asked them NOT to install AOHell and their other bundled software, which they said they wouldn’t, they did. Took me hours to uninstall them all. Then it turned out that they’d sent me the wrong HD spec I’d asked for. After battling with them for a month, they’re now about to come and replace my tower with a brand new HD in it, and no doubt all the Dell Crap with it. So I am delighted to hear of this De-Crapifier and will for sure use it on the new HD when it arrives!

    By the way, does it also remove all registry entries related to those crap programs? I ask as when I uninstalled AOHell, there were over 1000 AOL registry entries left behind… which I manually removed, using JV16 PowerTools.

  28. Damian says:

    There have been reviews saying this tool is for less technical folks. I have worked in the tech industry for over ten years and consider myself very savvy. This tool is for anyone. It saves a boat load of time. There were a couple of programs that you have to click “force to next step” but after that it proceeds just fine. I reran twice and it removed McAfee that it originally had trouble with the first time. I would certainly recommend running it at least twice until you get notification that it couldn’t find any of the programs it was looking to uninstall.


  29. Todd says:

    I just ordere a inspiron e1705
    just wondering if I use PC De-Crapifier and it removes Norton Ghost 10.0, does it also remove the hidden partion that ghost uses?

    Ive read that it will screw up direct media

    os xp mce


  30. FarmerKen says:

    May you receive many gold stars in your crown for giving us this great little program. I manually un-installed all the Dell stuff I could find but Dell Support just won`t go away. Will run De-Crapifier soooon.

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  32. This saved me a ton of time, thanks very much. Note that even though I told mcafee to NOT restart, it did anyway and I had to restart the decrapifier. Also AOL required me to uncheck some boxes, select which version, and hit go (no big deal). Thanks again, Hugh Kallen

  33. Dave Sturtz says:

    This is great! On my last two new Dells I began (after verifying proper operation) by WIPING THE HARD DRIVE CLEAN and starting over. That seemed easier than deleting all the stuff I didn’t want. I hope this will save me the trouble the next time!

  34. E Quinn says:

    July 25 purchased HP dv5217cl notebook. Cannot believe the amount of junk!! Norton Internet Security, Wild Tangent driver and about 400 MB of HP Game trials. 30 day trial of Office 2003 (have own disks, thank you), HP Rhapsody(? – Real?), Sonic DMC, huge bogus photo editing HP Photosmart all-in-one printer, fax, copier (almost a Gigabyte) that caused me to reinstall older HP printer, horrid Online Services folder that I still haven’t killed. Muvee Technologies(?). Just an average user afraid to apply your program yet to new HP. Could you possibly focus on updating to handle other PCs? Thank you!

  35. Raff says:

    I just got my dell XPS 400 today at the mail.. this is the first thing i did afted installing my wireless connection. VERY easy to use! really helps deleting the junk on my New DELL XPS! Thanks for the script!

    thanks again & more power!

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  37. Ben says:

    Just received two crap infested Dell laptops today. Ran the de-crapifier and while I was happy with the results it left some additional “goodies” that I didn’t want. Fair enough though, since none of it was listed as things de-crapifier would remove.

    Stupid me, I have now started fresh WinXP installs without first recording the c:\pc-decrap-reg.txt and which programs were involved. Sorry about that… Anyway, I can certainly see plenty of value in this script and should anyone I come in contact with be unfortunate enough to own a Dell I will be sending them this URL.

  38. John McCarter says:

    The arrival of this gem gives me the confidence to buy a new laptop. My three other computers are creeped out with weird stuff.

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  40. Osian lewis says:

    Thank you very much for this! I am about to buy a new laptop and the crap that comes with the Dells was one big factor swaying me away, but thanks to your program, I will definately be getting the Dell Inspiron 6400 and the first I’ll do to it, is de-crapify it!

  41. Michael Adams says:

    JV16 PowerTools. Your Script. Regedit. Msconfig. My new inspiron E1505 arrives in 8 days, I’m ready. Thanks man, and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

  42. Having bought a new Dell desktop computer i was really surprised at the sheer amount of absolute junk installed. It crashed after 5 min (when i tried to run the first piece of software). Good work dell, but at least i might have gotten a cheaper system since you get paid to include the junk.

    However I personally prefer to reformat my PC myself to make sure everything is the way i like it – with 0% junk. This is however a VERY good program for those who don’t want the hassle of reinstalling everything.

  43. We hear you loud and clear and other customers who say that in some cases there is too much clutter on our desktops. To that end, Dell has made some significant changes to the way software is organized and discovered on all desktops and notebook PCs. If you have purchased a Dell Dimension desktop or Inspiron notebook since April, you will notice a significant change to the desktop environment – instead of 21 icons we now have less than 10 (depending on your configuration at point of sale). The software that is pre-installed is now grouped into useful buckets depending on what you want to do with your PC – internet access, education/support, entertainment, etc. We also include a brief description of the value of the application – you no longer have to launch the software to figure it out. Finally, if you would prefer to remove the pre-loaded software, you are directed to the “Uninstall Programs” section of your desktop for easy removal. I hope that is of some help….and we appreciate the feedback here and on our direct2dell blog (

  44. SOHO Computer Services says:

    I am a small business service provider.
    I generally recommend that my clients buy Dell products, but have always suffered through “cleaning up” the factory fresh computers from Dell.

    I’ve even gone so far as to reformat and re-install the OS before ever booting into the factory OS. It’s a time-consuming process, but I feel that some of my better clients deserve this kind of care and protection from the junk that Dell loads onto the new PC’s.

    Your product saves me time and effort, and it’s a great way to clean up a lot of this junk in a hurry!

    I hope you continue to update as Dell whores themselves to new crap in the future.

    Love the Dell hardware. The service is decent. The prices are great.
    But the crap’s gotta go!

    Thanks for this!

  45. Myles says:

    I totally agree. The stuff that Dell put on their machines is just terrible, i hate it and i wish they would give the set up option on their website when ordering a computer of

    “windows XP only”
    “Windows XP with a load of crap you aint going to require”

    id opt for windows XP only every time!

    Dell have to stop doing it, i just need the OS and i will install the rest myself IF and when i want it!

  46. Wolfgang says:

    A very nice tool against the Dell “crap”. This crap has been/is still the reason why I never would buy any Dell’s though there might be a little change in their policy: see comment above from Richard.
    Just for your interest: I made my usual antivirus check test for
    PC De-Crapifier v1.6 with
    a) and
    (these are free services for scanning files using several antivirus engines).
    Most of these antivirus engines confirming it that it is virus free.

    Just ArcaVir finds “Trojan.Downloader.Autoit.A” with which must be a false postive.

    And TheHacker finds “Trojan/” with which must be a false positive,too.

    As already said it is just for your information. I am not saying that there is a virus since all other are confirming it as virus free!

    Nice tool and many thanks. I have used it on my Fujitsu-Siemens but PC De-Crapifier didn’t find anything.

  47. Hello all:
    First let me say, I do not have a Dell puter, its a HP slimline (winXP), and I am a user of AOL, as you may have guessed by my email addy and web site.
    I am not a guru on puters, by any means.

    I think the program (PC De-crapifier) in question is awesome, I did d/l and run, it did find some 10 items, but not quicktime, or quicken?

    Dell has winXP as does most any new puter.

    My question is: Why is this program targeted towards Dell and not Microsoft?

    The only answer I can think of it is, each manufacture installs winXP and then bundles all the “crap” along with winXP?

    If that is the case,,,please target HP next, I am old.

    Thank you for such a wonderful program,

  48. Richard III says:

    Genius… One de-crapified Dell, 5 mins.

  49. Eric Chan says:

    I am just curious. I see that there is PC De-crapfier v1.5.1 and v1.6. Is there a changelog where we can see what changes were made between the two versions. Does anybody know where I can read the changes?

    Oh and to answer the question of Edward Duvall, the reason why he calls it Dell Decrapfier is because those programs above are installed on basically all Dell computers while other manufacturers like HP, Gateway, Toshiba will have some but not necessarily all the bloatware in their desktops or laptops.

    In reality, you can use this program without actually owning a Dell computer so you have nothing to worry about. To be honest, I wouldn’t get so hung up on the name just as long as it does its job.

  50. Jason says:

    You can view the changelog in the source code that is supplied in the zip file.

  51. Tom says:

    Does anyone know how to get rid of Vongo? (it comes preloaded on Compaq
    laptops). It is the most annoying piece of junk I have ever seen. I uninstalled it, deleted the shortcut, and went in and deleted every file with Vongo in the name. I made a non-administrative account for my wife to run under, and now it comes up every time she signs in and repeatedly tries to install. It takes about 10 clicks on “cancel” to get it to quit so that she can use her computer! I can’t find where Vongo is still hiding on her computer!

  52. J says:

    I, too have an HP laptop with the obnoxious Vongo proglem. I have searched the web and tried all of the fixes suggested. I have manually deleted everything I can find with Vongo in the name after first using the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool. My administrator account is now free of the annoying attempts to install Vongo, but I have two non-administrator accounts on the same PC that are still plagued by the problem.

    I have found that if I run msconfig and uncheck isusp so that it does not run on startup, then the problem is fixed. If you can live without the automatic program updates that Microsoft puts out for Office, that’s okay, but if you want to keep getting automatic updates you have to leave isusp in the startup list.

    If anyone has any further suggestions, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.

    I have spent probably eight to ten hours of messing around and trying to get this obnoxious program off of my new laptop. I will be e-mailing HP with my opinion of Vongo – in my opinion it should be considered a virus and HP should never include it on any new PC. This will directly affect my choices when I need to purchase any hardware in the future.

  53. The big void says:

    this tool is kick´n some OEMs ass! i really love it! before i found this tool, i removed every little byte by my own, this took me hours of horrifiying registry-hacks & boring uninstall procedures; btw: did YOU ever tried to remove that old chatterbox McAfee by “just” using “their” uninstall procedure? real PITA! even after a “successfull” uninstall and reboot their are still leftovers like two silly & forgotten services, some logs and even a reg, hive… so, McAfee, do you really think to make some profit that way?

  54. On No Not Another Dell 4 a Friend says:

    Can’t count how many times I have had to manually uninstall this stuff. Even wipe the machine before it ever boots most of the time. Problem I see is, Dell doens’t give you the option online to select NONE for the AV and other crapware nobody ever uses or wants your credit card in 90 days.
    KUDOS to you, you have really saved us all a lot of headaches and time.

  55. natasha says:

    Great idea, and the program works well. I only had a handful (from your list) left on my computer, but running it made me want to really get rid of EVERYTHING finally, i.e. all the stuff I never put on my computer myself. I tried to remove a bunch of Microsoft Works programs (money, streets & tips, etc, etc), but a few of them refused to be uninstalled (couldn’t find data.msi or something). Very frustrating. But at least now I finally weened myself off of Mcafee, and am running avast instead.

  56. West says:

    What about HP’s “firstboot” script and related logic, some of which is documented here:

  57. Keith says:

    Well Vongo is a tool which is very hard to remove and i have tried to remove the same using several tools but the main drawback of this software is that even if you remove it completely and then you create a different user account (specially in hp and compaq system) you would find Vongo there in the new account.
    Till yet there is no permanent resolution for removing this software.
    If someone has the permanent resolution please do forward the resolution on
    NB: Please check in a the new user account with the tool for removing Vongo completely
    Warm Regards
    Sean Frasier

  58. Ian says:

    A little project of mine, might be of interest. Basically idea is twofold, to name and shame the junkware offenders, and to help the public identify the brands/models that are junk-free.

    So far I’ve not had enough submissions to make any useful cross-reference table, but hopefully that will change.

  59. Ian says:

    Sorry, link wasn’t too clear in above, it’s actually the post title:

    In relation to West’s comments, a useful tip is that quite a few PCs don’t have the all of the junk initially, it’s loaded by a script at first user-logon. Acers are like this, and you can stop most of the junk in its tracks by either quickly opening Task Manager and terminating the loader process, or by starting in Safe Mode and removing it with msconfig. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop Norton, which is already on, but it does reduce the cleanup-work to be done.

  60. guesticulate says:

    Off Topic… but…..

    Microsoft Works Suite and it’s subsequent programs (Money, Streets, Works, WORD..etc) can be uninstalled by sticking the Works Suite Master Instalation disk in your CD Rom drive to choose which Programs you want to uninstall.

    MS says; go to START button to shutdown your computer…. MS says; put CD installation disc in CD drive to uninstall software… makes perfect sense to me!

    Dell had the My Way Browser Helper tool bar installed in Internet Explorer on new computers last year. It didn’t last long as a bunch of people started complaining…especially when they couldn’t uninstall it. They offer a free uninstallation program.. download it at Dell Support.

  61. Scott. says:

    The pricing is unclear… $20 per person using it, or $20 per computer? $20 per computer would seem a bit steep. Please clarify!

  62. Jason says:

    Pricing updated. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. It’s on a per technician basis. I would envision this as a program someone fixing PCs would have in their “toolbox”. Therefore, you pay for the tool, not every time you use it.

  63. Vandil says:

    Why not just re-roll the machine with the XP CD? (Never buy a machine from an OEM that does not provide you with a Windows CD.)

  64. grtgrfx says:

    I agree…a wipe and reinstall is a better guarantee of smooth operation…in Windows, there’s no such thing as a “complete” uninstall; there’s always debris left over somewhere.

  65. Carrie says:

    Any chance that you are working on (or have already) a version for Windows Vista?

    I have one XP and one Vista machine.


  66. Martin says:

    Any software that reduces excess interactive computer activity without trading away features is welcome. Tending the screen and wading through menus to uninstall programs manually has for far too long been an insult to human intelligence.

    Aging people (including computer users) beginning from the age of about 45 and up suffer from a gradual loss in the ability refocus eyesight when changing posture in front of a computer screen (condition presbyopia). For this reason some of us buy a new system with a larger screen.

    Perhaps now some seasoned veterans may get to the point of addressing the annoying white background in almost everything we must read..;)

  67. Judy says:

    My problem is that I can’t uninstall Dell’s bundled MusicMatch Jukebox. Nothing works- not PC DeCrapifier, not CCleaner, not add/remove.
    Anyone know how I can do it? Hope So!
    Thanks so much!

  68. doug says:

    There are some thing like CD/DVD burning software that you will probably want to keep.
    What Decrapifier (love the name) needs is categories (Antivirus/Securing, CD/DVD burning, Games, Internet, Limited Trials, Utilites, etc) and descriptions of what they include. This would make it much easier for newbies to figure out if there is something it might be worth it to keep.
    Another nice idea would be disabling tray icons for some programs (Quicktime, Realplayer, Windows mouse and network icons, etc).

  69. Chris says:

    Thanks! I’m a tech and this little gem is a great time saver, not to mention sanity saver. You have my $20 and then some. Any problem with adding programs to the routine?

  70. Good program !! It is a pity that does not work with my spanish operating system :-((

  71. Steve says:

    I sell computers to you crazy people at office depot. If you weren’t a jerk to me i probably recommended you come here. If you were real nice (or pretty) i most likely took all this stuff off of your computer for you already.

    If OEMs start shipping clean copies of XP, they have to charge more since those crappy 3rd party companies are shelling them money. Most applications are included in the recovery cds or parition of the hdd, so there’s no way for what i’d consider to be an average user to get rid of them. Consumers are cheap so they tend to opt for the less expensive computers, and you also have to think: is it better to have no computer or a bogged down computer?

    So if you don’t want to build your own computers and want clean installs, use a smaller oem you can contact directly. or be satisfied with what you can do with programs like pc-decrapifier

  72. beans says:

    oh my god i think i found the solution.

    i had the same issues, i used add/remove when i first set up my laptop to remove Vongo. I used Ccleaner to clean up the registry. didn’t have a problem in the main administrator account, but when I logged in as a guest (after reading these threads) to see if Vongo was gone across the board, I ran into the same error message looping over and over…

    i then tried to search for all files with the word Vongo in it, and deleted those, ran Ccleaner again and again, still same problem in the guest account.

    just now, randomly nosing around, I found 4 files with Vongo icons in this filepath

    C:\Documents and Settings\Irene Pak\Application Data\Microsoft\Installer\{DB7E00C9-6DEF-489A-8112-D8F81614F45A}

    in this folder, I found 6 files with the Vongo icon and filenames that read something like this:


    I trashed them (into a clean recycle bin, so I could retrieve them if I was wrong) and tested the effect by logging in as a Guest…

    Vongo was gone!

    then I created a new account to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and I did see a Vongo shortcut, but was not plagued by the looping error message by Windows trying to install Vongo without access to any installer files.

    this was completely trial and error, I haven’t noticed anything buggy as a result. I thought I’d post it to see if anyone else can achieve the same results with this method.

  73. Tim says:

    New beta 1.7.1 will run under Vista, though you must run it as administrator.

  74. Fred says:

    Shouldn’t it be called the Windows-Decrapifier?
    Just saying…

  75. Ben says:

    This is awesome… finally a quick way to get rid of all that crap!

  76. Ras says:

    Just used it to fix a few Vista startup errors. Worked like a charm! Must run with elevated priviledges.

  77. ES says:

    I had the same problem with a new HP laptop i bought recently.

    loaded with 60Gigs of rubbish. all of them had a 30 day trial which had somehow expired when I bought it, even though i had to run through the ‘first time startup menu’.

  78. Rush says:

    Found your program yesterday and cleaned up a Toshiba I’ve been struggling with for over a year. This is my LAST Toshiba due the garbage pre-installed and on the recovery disk, especially AOL. Pity, I’ve liked Toshibas!

  79. Janet says:

    Thanks!! I hate all the pr-einstalled stuff. THANKS!!

  80. Hans says:

    Hi, just what I’m looking for! Just a question: what exactly does the option “Run Registry Entries” do? Which entries are we talking about here? Thx.

  81. Jason says:

    Hi Hans,

    The “Run Registry Entries” are a bunch of registry keys located in:

    Many programs install a link in here for something to run every time your computer starts up. There are obviously some things that are necessary, but there are many that are not. I maintain a list of registry keys that are not necessary to run, and therefore allows your computer to boot faster and use less memory. Most of the unnecessary programs are things like the QuickTime and RealPlayer task, or programs that check for updates all the time.

  82. Hans says:


  83. David says:

    This is great software.

    Really helped me clean up my new Laptop plus my partners Laptop (:


  84. Mogul says:

    At last! That stupid Sonic Update Manager has continually popped up ever since I bought my Dell! Could never get rid of it, until now!


  85. Andre says:

    Hey, amazing program! i’m really glad i found this 🙂 only question though, does it remove all registry entries, dlls, etc.. associated with the applications?

  86. Men says:

    Nice little program, just used it on Vista, could not remove Mcaffee, had to remove it manualy. it also did not have an option to remove any Dell stuff.

  87. malina says:

    i need help, office depot replaced my laptop (not the store but the 800#)- had so many problems with the a105 satellite.. manager was fired trying to get 15% for restocking fee IN CASH, cause thats how i paid, he couldnt restock my pc due to it needing to go back to toshihba not on the shelf. he would not trade it out !! spending 3k overall, was upset called main office, they sent me an updated p105 satellite. it has vista home premium on it, i dismissed the cd that u guys are talking about till i stumbled on this site. now i am totally confused… what would happen if i put this “upgrade ” in the pc, do i have to purchase a new version to make it ultimate?? i refuse to put more money into this nitemare!! someone please help me and tell me what i should do-im having a hard enough time trying to go from xp to vista and now im lost (reminds me of when 3.1 went to win95-i fought that as long as i could with every bone in my body) i will leave my email add on this note, anyone/everyone, can u help me,?? thanks !! malina1818 at yahoo dot com

  88. volypok says:

    Great tool, here’s an idea how to make it even better: keep a list of crapware along with instructions how to delete it online, let people add to that list; while downloadable executive will trash whatever he finds on an OEM PCs.
    One may imagine a top-20 list of “most frequently trashed preinstalled crapware” to become quite popular and finally send the right message to PC vendors.
    Have a nice day

  89. William Johnston says:

    do you have this for older machines I run windows 2000 on a one laptop and millieum
    on another then use windows xp professional on a desk top can you use the same one on all machines or do you have to purchase for different operating systems..

  90. Jason says:

    I’m quite sure it will run on Windows 2000 and ME, but I don’t think it would be all that useful in those cases. The software that the PC Decrapifier removes is much more recent, so I doubt it would detect anything on those older machines. In any case you would not need to purchase for different operating systems.

  91. Greg says:

    WOW, its like getting free memory, my computer really screams now!

  92. Beverly Caron says:

    Wheeeeeeeee………….hang on an just take the ride!! Thanks for the speedy delivery. I had managed to get rid of most of the “‘free trial” of McAfee on my own but kept getting a nag screen asking for permission to update the program. It’s gone and good riddance…………have you ever seen the pages of manual uninstall on the McAfee site? What a horror! Goodbye to music match also, yuck. Thanks again.

  93. Matt says:

    Thanks, will work lovely on the new laptop im shopping for!

  94. Dudley says:

    This sounds great! Now all we need is something to remove the crap from Windows, which is about 99.99% of it! Just say no to BLOATWARE!

  95. Dudley says:

    Just one minute sample of what I mean by BLOATWARE can be seen by scrolling down through the registry. Look at all the entries for stuff that I have never had and will never have. What the &^%$#@! is it doing there? If I add something, that would be the time to add a driver or whatever is needed. I have never had a joystick on any computer I have ever owned. There should not be an entry for joystick or any drivers or details in the registry; nor should there be anything in there for stuff that I’ve never installed! Nor for that matter, does Excel need to define 35 different types of files. It’s ok to have maybe 3 types of files and 35 extensions; but not 35 types of files. DLLs were supposed to use the same code over and over again; but when have you ever seen that? Everything comes with a truckload of DLLs. It’s all BLOATWARE! It’s all incompetence and laziness.

  96. Dudley says:

    I forgot to mention… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the number of patches indicates the number of bugs which indicates the poor planning and sloppiness (and/or flawed paradigm) of the developer(s). This being the case, MS is in really bad shape! I’m not saying that there’s anything out there that I’d rather have, just that I’d rather not have to put up with this slop. MS is so arrogant they won’t listen to anyone; and the situation just keeps getting worse. It will continue to do so as long as Bill continues to make money. So I guess we’re in it for the long haul… that is, we’re screwed.

  97. Dudley says:

    I don’t mean to give the impression that I think MS and their products are all bad. This is not so! They have some good products, especially Excel and PowerPoint. Of course, MSWord is the most bug-infested word processor ever written (If you don’t use graphics, you don’t get to participate in this discussion.) It’s just that MS could do so much better than they do and they do so very many things that are so very irritating and they’re sinking ever rapidly into a black hole of accumulated bugs. MS also devotes 99% of their effort to improving fluff components while the backbone crushes under the weight of the burdensome business inherent in the eclectic nature of the foundation software. The MS software paradigm is flawed. Another bandaid isn’t going to fix it. I know, I’ve been working with it since 1980. I know where it went wrong and why.

  98. Dudley says:

    I just got another update from MS that insisted on re-booting my machine. They’re coming so fast these days that they just can’t wait until 3:00 a.m. any more, I guess. This is reaching the level of a crisis. How do they keep up at MS, trying to fix all the bugs? The servers must be glowing from all the patches being downloaded all over the world! How long will it be before my machine is totally consumed 24×7 just installing updates from MS? The Windows Update Manager already brings my machine to a crawl periodically throughout the day. Don’t believe it? Next time your machine seems to be running slow for no reason at all pop up the Task Manager and see what’s hogging the processor. We may need quad processor chips! Three of them may be busy figuring out which MS update we need! I don’t get why it consumes so much. I mean, how long does it take to check what I have against what’s available? Is is just my being overly suspicious or does anyone else out there think that something else is going on too? Bill, how many times do you have to check to be sure I paid for the stuff, Buddy? Come on now. Give me a break!

  99. Jake says:

    Haha! The latest weapon in the fight against crappy and annoying features that computer manufacturers force upon us, the PC Decrapifier! My PC is officially decrapified! 5 stars! Cool name too. I like.

  100. lulu says:

    i am chinese, and find the software through, the software is perfect, waiting more wonderful work!

  101. ben says:

    Has anyone had the opportunity to test the latest build on Vista? Any known quirks/risks associated with running the decrapifier on a crap OS haha?

  102. Adam says:

    It works on Vista Home Basic too, logged in as Administrator…though, it did “miss” some “crap” software…but it’s likely stuff that “Decrapifier” hasn’t been alerted about yet 🙂

    But yea, it was able to remove Google desktop, and the search/home page that was set on my new eMachines…

  103. tbbrick says:

    Bless you Jason, may your tribe increase! As I said in my Useful Utilities blog,, I wish I would have had this the last time I got in a multi-machine order. Very sweet!!!

  104. Sysopfree says:

    Merci pour ce petit soft bien ingénieux ! Bonne continuation
    Thanks for that nifty tool ! Keep on the good work 🙂

  105. Aron says:

    Thank Jason, I just used it on my compaq!

  106. John Walker says:

    Works great,now if you could just make a program that will block ads on my screen.I believe the only reason we need high speed internet is so their ads will run faster!!!

  107. Rick LaMay says:

    This look good but I wish I could get My backup cd for Microsoft windows Xp I well not buy a dell in my lifetime no more.!!!!!

  108. R says:

    Proof that a decrapifier is necessary is the new Dell Vostro (what a crappy name!), aimed at business and “without trialware” or some such.

  109. Mosotho says:

    To John, a neat trick for blocking ads is to add the fdqn of the ad-servers to your hosts file and point it to presto no more ads.

  110. ANCPL says:

    Fantastic! Added to my blog.


  111. Sarcastic says:

    Kinda useful, but not all that great for what it does. Might be a subjective thing though, I don’t install software I don’t need in the first place – why anyone would is beyond me, but I guess some people just go “software! must have! cool! Oh, it’s useless.”

  112. Kathy says:

    Will it help me on a Dell Dimension that is almost 5 yrs. old?
    If I do something wrong will System Restore bring it back?

  113. Vickie says:

    This really got rid of the Dell / Google search page that kept coming up. Very nice..

  114. casey says:

    I’m a total newbie, so thanks for this tool, but still have heaps of preinstalled junk on new Compaq LT, which I’m too inexperienced (read scared) to remove. Please could anyone help me with uninstalling/deleting the Online Services folder (Big Pond,EBay,ESP,Medi Ring,Mercado)?

  115. Adam Gurney says:

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time now. Thank you very much.

  116. Peter says:

    Great software!

    It’s a little sad that this is still in demand. But nice that it’s free.
    I have seen such programs for the last 15 years. Tells me that there’s something fundamentally wrong in the design of personal computers. Nobody wants crap, but everybody are drowning in it nevertheless.
    Like when you’re paying for cable tv, only to watch even more commercials.
    Actually i gave up, but this software makes me want to fight back.
    Thank you.
    You made my day.
    May The Force be with you!

  117. Fred says:

    Does this program work with the new dells and the vista home stuff? I am getting son a new computer and want to get rid of the crap they are installed with and I had excellent success with this program and XP… THANKS!!!

  118. Kalamazoo Web Design says:

    Brilliant software. Funny name.
    Really, its a good idea, there is so much junk when you buy a new PC. I have to wonder if a newbie might be able to get into trouble with that software though by accidentally losing important files and software.

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