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Function Lock?!

Ok, this has been something that’s been annoying me for quite some time. Who’s bright idea was it to come up with the Function Lock key? Apparently it was Microsoft. No surprise. If it was just another useless key like … Continue reading

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Mac vs PC Video

This is awesome. It’s a Mac vs PC video making fun of how the pre-installed software bloats the PCs.

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v1.8 Released on

The site’s been up for almost a week now, and I’ve been letting it slip out here and there to see what happens. I was going to wait until next week to make an official announcement, but here it is: … Continue reading

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PC Decrapifier on the Air!

This was pretty cool. I was asked to do an interview for the Computer America radio show last Monday (April 9th, 2007.) I was waiting for the podcast to become available so I could listen to it first before posting … Continue reading

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