TMPGEnc Batch List Creator

This page is dedicated to TMPGEnc Batch List Creator script I created to enhance the TMPGEnc program. Here is the original post.

  • First, start off by using TMPGEnc to create a batch list file and add just one file to it with the settings you want. Then save off that file.
  • Next, edit the tmpgenc-batchcreator.vbs script to tell it the file names and folders you are working with. All of the settings are clearly indicated near the top of the file.
  • Finally, run the script by double-clicking on it. When it completes, you will have a new .tbe file that contains a job for every file in the directory you specified.
  • Load up the .tbe file in TMPGEnc and hit convert. Then go to bed.

Download TMPGEnc Batch List Creator v1.1

5 Responses to TMPGEnc Batch List Creator

  1. patrick says:

    Dude thanks for this.

  2. Dazzam says:

    I haven’t had a need so much for the conversions, so much as that I use the MPEG Tools – Multiplex option all the time and being able to do a mass multiplex to a folder would be a real boon to me.
    You’ve still done a great work around for the Batch tool!!

  3. Chris says:

    This rocks! Thanks so much!

  4. Evan says:

    This is absolutely crucial for video power hour creators, awesome work

  5. Hajime says:

    Nice script, thank you so much! Have been using TMPEnc for years and wishing this was a built-in feature. Such a timesaver. You made my day.

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