Dell Latitude D620 Running Windows 7

This is just a quick note for anyone running Windows on a Latitude D620. I had all kinds of problems trying to get the SPDIF output working properly under Windows 7. It wasn’t until I went back and installed the Windows XP audio drivers, I got it to work. I got the Windows Vista drivers to recognize it. However whenever it played any audio I kept getting a popping or cracking sound. It was acting like it was enabling and disabling the device every time it played anything. With the XP driver I don’t have that problem.

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2 Responses to Dell Latitude D620 Running Windows 7

  1. Bob Brendon says:

    Well, I believe it is normal to encounter such issue with the latest Operating system. Not all will just be compatible with it just like what had happened with the previous OS. Issues come out but then as time goes by where updates are made, then everything will just be fine.

  2. Yoga Wear Girl says:

    This is good to know because I was about to upgrade to Windows 7 so far
    Overall I’m very happy with the Dell D620. The widescreen adds more real estate to work with such as working in Outlook or Excel. I went with the 7200 hard drive and 1GB RAM which made this system blazing fast.

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