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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Review

Last month, I succumbed to temptation and bought another gadget. Lately these Nokia 770 Internet Tablets have been all over the internet at a really good price. I picked one up at for $139. It seems these are on … Continue reading

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Cellink BTG-7000 Bluetooth GPS Review

Here’s a nice little Bluetooth GPS that I picked up on a great deal over at I’ve been keeping an eye out for one for awhile and this came up with the features I wanted at the right price. … Continue reading

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Windows Mobile DST Update

Microsoft today released a patch for Windows Mobile to update for the the 2007 Daylight Savings time changes that go into effect in March. Here’s how my update went. I thought it would be very simple, but leave it to … Continue reading

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Synchronizing Podcasts to a Pocket PC

Ok, so there are a ton a websites out there that talk about synchronizing podcasts with a Pocket PC. However, I didn’t find one that’s exactly like the solution I came up with. Here’s what I did. Continue reading

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WiFi and Bluetooth Interference on my PPC

I came across this article on EDN [PDF] about WiFi and Bluetooth interference. Based on that article I found a way to squeak a little more performance out of my Pocket PC Wifi connection. Continue reading

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Essential Pocket PC Applications (Part 2)

Now that I’ve had my pocket PC for a while longer now, I’ve come up with a few more essential PPC applications. Continue reading

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Essential Pocket PC Applications

Unfortunately, right out of the box, my Pocket PC doesn’t do everything I would like. So, I’ve put together a list of applications that you can install to “close the gap” in functionality. Most of the ones I’ve found are freeware and do a great job. I’m running these apps on my Dell Axim X30 624MHz running Windows Moble 2003. Continue reading

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