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Dell: “No Bloatware, Please”

I usually avoid doing posts like this, but it’s interesting to see there’s some buzz in the blogosphere about this recent post on Dell’s weblog about the extra pre-installed bloatware.

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Introducing the PC De-Crapifier

In an effort to expand the De-Crapifier tool beyond just Dell machines, it’s getting a new name: The PC De-Crapifier. I’ve been contemplating doing this for some time now, however an email from a Dell trademark representative tilted the scales to do it now 🙂 Continue reading

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Dell PC De-Crapifier v1.4 Posted

The latest version of the De-Crapifier has been posted. This one has a snazzy new feature that allows the user to individually select what programs the De-Crapifier should uninstall. Continue reading

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