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Looking for a Photo a Tagging Application

Here are my notes that I took while I was looking for a photo organizer program. What I have here is a bunch of links for programs I tried out and a couple sentences of what I thought about them. … Continue reading

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Putting Digital Photos into a Picture Frame

If you’re like most people these days you’ve got a lot of digital photos, and chances are, you’ve also got picture frames. Here, I’m talking about collage frames (here’s an example.) These are the frames that hold multiple pictures of varying sizes. What I have found is that maybe when I first get the frame I will take the time to crop and trim pictures to just the right size and populate the frame. It tends to be a tedious task and therefore, the pictures never get updated again. Well, I think I’ve found a better way… Continue reading

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Digital Camcorder Primer

In this article I’ve put together explanations of the major features to look for when shopping for a camcorder. The major purpose of this is so you can decide ahead of time what features are most important to you, then you can make the best buying decision for your needs. Continue reading

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