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Low Tech Solution for a High Tech Problem

If you have or have ever had an 18 month old child (and older) one thing you find is that they like buttons. Mine do anyway. They like to push them. Remote control buttons, computer CD-ROM eject buttons, elevator buttons, … Continue reading

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AT&T: Get Monopoly, Triple Rates

I’ll warn you up front this is mostly a rant, but if you use AT&T calling cards, you’ll want to pay attention. Back in 2005 I couldn’t believe that the FCC would approve the merger of AT&T and SBC, but … Continue reading

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The Black Friday Obsession

This Black Friday shopping thing is just totally weird when you step back and take a look at it. I have a really hard time understanding the appeal of standing in line in the cold, hours on end to save … Continue reading

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Introducing the PC De-Crapifier

In an effort to expand the De-Crapifier tool beyond just Dell machines, it’s getting a new name: The PC De-Crapifier. I’ve been contemplating doing this for some time now, however an email from a Dell trademark representative tilted the scales to do it now 🙂 Continue reading

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My Essential PC Application List

As I’ve been installing apps on my laptop I’ve been keeping a list of what I installed. So, this post is basically just a list of applications that are essential for me. I’m hoping you’ll find something interesting or useful too. Continue reading

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Firefox Loading Problem

Just ran into a problem with Firefox. The last few days I haven’t been able to launch Firefox. I would attempt to launch the app, the hard drive would crunch for a few seconds, then nothing. No error or anything. Firefox would never start. Continue reading

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So you bought a Celeron..?

.. or so I thought. This article on Slashdot today prompted me to write about my recent processor purchase. Continue reading

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Title Bar with the URL in a Firefox Pop-up

Thanks to intrusive advertising, we sometimes forget that the browser pop-up functionality can actually be useful. In this particular case, I was playing with the Notify New Mail Popup plug-in for SquirrelMail the other day and I came across an interesting “feature” of Firefox. Continue reading

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