Welcome to yorkspace.com.

My name is Jason York and this is my blog. It’s called ‘yorkspace’ because my last name is York and this is my space… and because that’s the best think I could think of when registering the domain…

Anyway, this website is basically about random (usually techie-type) stuff that I create or come across. I have two main goals for this website:
1. Only put up stuff on my blog that is at least remotely useful to someone who may have similar interests. I have no intent of putting up posts like: “Hey this site over here is cool, go check it out.” I aim to have unique and useful content. Hence the tagline: “A fresh breath of useful information.”

2. My second goal is keep the site as something that I control and it doesn’t control me. What I mean by that is I really want to just post stuff that I would be doing regardless if I had the blog or not. The blog should just be a way of documentation…

My unofficial third goal is to have the site at least pay for itself, hence the advertising. I try to keep it to just a couple ads per page.

Thanks for checking out my site.
— Jason

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