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Cellink BTG-7000 Bluetooth GPS Review

Here’s a nice little Bluetooth GPS that I picked up on a great deal over at I’ve been keeping an eye out for one for awhile and this came up with the features I wanted at the right price. … Continue reading

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Blue LED Car Radio Mod

For quite a while, I’ve been looking at the radio in my truck and thinking it would be cool to replace the standard white backlighting with blue LEDs. Now that I’ve finally done it, here’s the write-up on how I … Continue reading

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Theft Deterrent Blinking LED

As I was doing my Blue LED Radio Faceplate mod, I needed to find something to do with one of the old LEDs that comes all the way out to the faceplate near the volume control knob. I decided to turn it into a red blinking LED “theft deterrent device.” Whether it actually deters theft or not is a whole separate issue and I honestly don’t care. I just think it looks cool. Continue reading

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