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Funnel Web Analyzer Custom Log Format

Recently, my friend Rob pointed me at a really cool program for doing statistical analysis on web logs. It’s called Funnel Web by Quest Software. After seeing the sample reports I was very impressed, but initially I had some problems setting it up to use the web logs from my hosting provider (1and1) Here’s how I fixed it. Continue reading

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Managing Digital Home Videos

As you may know from an earlier post this year, I purchased a MiniDV camcorder. I love the camcorder, it works great. However, how do you go about managing all this video? It’s a big pain in the butt.

Well, here are the problems I’ve had and how I solved them. Continue reading

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TMPGEnc Batch List Creator

I’ve recently been using TMPGEnc to convert a bunch of AVI files into MPG. The program works great and has a lot of features. However, there is one major UI flaw when doing batch conversions. Here, I’ve got a solution for one way around it. Continue reading

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