PC Decrapifier on the Air!

This was pretty cool. I was asked to do an interview for the Computer America radio show last Monday (April 9th, 2007.) I was waiting for the podcast to become available so I could listen to it first before posting this… just in case I sounded like a total dork. Perhaps I may have chosen to neglect to mention it. But, I thought it went really well and had a great time.

The official podcast will be available from the Computer America website for two weeks. Or, I also have permission to put the condensed version posted here on my site. I really got a laugh out of the first caller about half way through the show.

That same night, they also happened to be interviewing Will Smith from Maximum PC Magazine. He gave me a very nice write-up on their website.

Also, be looking for another big announcement next week regarding the PC Decrapifier.

Download the MP3 Here

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One Response to PC Decrapifier on the Air!

  1. Jill Kuraitis says:

    Program does just what it’s sposetwo, even on my not-new PC with XP. I couldn’t resist the name DeCrapifier. Not just a great name – a great program. Thanks!

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