Restoring WSH File Associations

I have both Visual Studio .NET 2005 Express as well as Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed on my PC. I just installed Service Pack 1 for VS 2003. For some reason this decided to take over file associations for things like .VBS. Instead of launching the Windows Scripting Host, it launches Visual Studio .NET 2003.

This is a big problem if you have a VBS script run during logon. It tries to launch VS, but it can’t because I’m not logged on yet. So I get an error with “The application could not start”. Thanks. The computer basically hangs at that point and I can’t even bring up Task Manager. So, boot into safe mode or find another way of preventing the startup scripts from running. Then locate the file: ‘C:\WINDOWS\INF\WSH.INF’ then right-click on it and select ‘Install.’ This will fix the associations for all the script types.

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