PC Decrapifier v1.8.1 Released

Check it out over here.

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2 Responses to PC Decrapifier v1.8.1 Released

  1. Adam says:

    > I also made a decision to de-select any Anti-Virus packages by default.
    > This is to really make sure that you don’t inadvertently uninstall an Anti-
    > Virus package you have already paid for. Since these are system critical
    > programs, I decided to err on the safe side.

    Why not just add an “exceptions” list? Most of the machines that I “roll out”, we install our own antivirus software onto anyways (ClamWin + Winpooch)..I would really like to see this added back.

    Also, any chance of adding “AOL 9.0” to the list to decrapify? My new eMachines came installed with it, and I don’t have ANY idea where this is installed to…..no signs of it in Control Panel…any info, just ask, I think you got my e-mail (just make the subject something easy to see or something, with Decrapify in the subject line :P)

  2. Jason says:


    With the commercial version you can still specify exactly what you want to remove in a text file.


    With AOL 9… I still need to get my hands on a machine with it installed…

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