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Function Lock?!

Ok, this has been something that’s been annoying me for quite some time. Who’s bright idea was it to come up with the Function Lock key? Apparently it was Microsoft. No surprise. If it was just another useless key like … Continue reading

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Mac vs PC Video

This is awesome. It’s a Mac vs PC video making fun of how the pre-installed software bloats the PCs.

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KnoppMyth DST Update

Although I was diligent to update my Pocket PC for the new Daylight Savings Time, I failed to update my KnoppMyth MythTV box. Fortunately, I didn’t miss any recordings. Here’s my update instructions.

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PC Decrapifier v1.7 Released

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday. With the new year, comes new crap to remove from PCs, which means a new version of the PC Decrapifier.

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Bittorrent Causing Router Lockup

For a while now, I’ve been having problems using Bittorrent. After starting a large download, sometime during the night my internet connection would drop. I knew it was not a problem with my local machine because my router administration page … Continue reading

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Transferring Linux From PATA to SATA

Last week I picked up this Segate 320GB SATA hard drive for my MythTV box. I had a 120GB PATA drive I was replacing. Since SATA drives are treated as SCSI under linux, I knew it would be a little … Continue reading

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PC De-Crapifier v1.6 Released

Now updated for HP! Version 1.6 of the PC De-Crapifier brings you the removal of HP Crap!

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