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MediaWiki Install Guide for 1and1

I ran into a little problem installing MediaWiki on my 1and1 host. The existing MediaWiki Install Guide is very thorough, but I put this post together to just to highlight where I had problems on my host.

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Restoring WSH File Associations

I have both Visual Studio .NET 2005 Express as well as Visual Studio .NET 2003 installed on my PC. I just installed Service Pack 1 for VS 2003. For some reason this decided to take over file associations for things … Continue reading

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Do-it-Yourself S/PDIF Coax Connector

This is just a quick little hack that I did on my MythTV box some time ago. The motherboard that I have did not come with a cable for the S/PDIF audio output and it would have been $10 – … Continue reading

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Logitech MX 610 Wireless Laser Mouse Review

I picked up this Logitech MX 610 mouse a few months ago at for $30 after rebate. Since I’ve been using it awhile I decided it’s time for a review.

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PHP Tip of the Day: Array Indexing

Ok, I’m not really going to do a PHP tip every day, but here’s something I learned the hard way. I normally don’t index an array like this, but for some reason one day I decided to try it and … Continue reading

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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Review

Last month, I succumbed to temptation and bought another gadget. Lately these Nokia 770 Internet Tablets have been all over the internet at a really good price. I picked one up at for $139. It seems these are on … Continue reading

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Looking for a Photo a Tagging Application

Here are my notes that I took while I was looking for a photo organizer program. What I have here is a bunch of links for programs I tried out and a couple sentences of what I thought about them. … Continue reading

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Dell System Restore with Vista

I was recently “working on” a new Dell Dimension C521 running Vista Home Basic. I wanted to do a system restore to the original factory condition. The documentation provided with the machine tells me that CTRL+F11 is the magic key … Continue reading

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PC Decrapifier v1.8.1 Released

Check it out over here.

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Function Lock?!

Ok, this has been something that’s been annoying me for quite some time. Who’s bright idea was it to come up with the Function Lock key? Apparently it was Microsoft. No surprise. If it was just another useless key like … Continue reading

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