Low Tech Solution for a High Tech Problem

If you have or have ever had an 18 month old child (and older) one thing you find is that they like buttons. Mine do anyway. They like to push them. Remote control buttons, computer CD-ROM eject buttons, elevator buttons, alarm clock buttons.. you get the idea. The most annoying, however is the TV power button. The annoyance comes in two forms. First, of course when your watching TV and the child likes to turn the TV on and off. Second, when you’re not watching TV. The older child convinces the younger to turn the TV on so that she has plausible deniability to claim “I didn’t do it.”

So, being the electrical engineer, I take the classical approach of how it would be cool to install a tiny disable switch on the side of the TV. The kids wouldn’t be able to reach or find it, yet could still be used by an adult on the rare occasion the remote is MIA. Then, as usual, reality sets in and I realize I would never have time to install even such a simple device and life goes on.

So, I come home from work on day, and I find my wife has found an ingenious non-technical solution to our little “problem.” See photo below. The solution came in the form of a $0.50 3 x 5 plexiglass photo stand. Sliding the base under the TV and the face over the buttons keeps the little fingers away, but still allows the IR from the remote to hit the sensor. Problem solved.


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5 Responses to Low Tech Solution for a High Tech Problem

  1. Jason Rehmus says:

    That’s brilliant! I love the easy solutions to everyday frustrations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rob Russell says:

    Beauty. Looks like a perfect fit.

  3. Leslie Davis says:

    It takes a woman’s ingenuity to figure out such things sometimes!!

  4. WebSam says:

    My child love any buttons also, as for computer i bought additional keyboard (it n’t connected), as for TV we used same solution but for remote control (child like clicking remote control buttons) – cover IR sensor on TV. In additional – most of home equipment has special functions – child lock.

  5. Dan Hanke says:

    And you thought that engineering degree would come in handy some day! All you ever need to do is listen to your wife! At least that’s what my wife tells me! LOL!

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