Skype Dialog Killer

So, I’m a regular VOIP user now. I’ve been using Skype for over a year now to make PC to phone calls and I’ve been very impressed. Over the last few months I’ve been using it much more heavily and I just purchased a Skype In number to receive calls from regular phones. However, it isn’t always convenient to use a headset attached to my PC to make and receive calls. I decided to try one of these cheap little USB to phone adapters.

Along with one of these adapters, there’s a little “helper” app called SkypeMate. This basically allows the USB box to interface with Skype and you can use your regular telephone handsets with Skype. I’ve also been really impressed at how well this works. I really can’t even tell the difference between using Skype and a regular phone line.

However, this post is not a review of the USB phone adapter. One of the problems that quickly became evident is that after every few calls, the Skype application pops up a “Call Quality Feedback” window. Until you close this window, you can’t make any more Skype calls and you can’t disable it from coming up. The same thing also happens when you call someone who’s not in your contact list, Skype prompts you for some info for the contact to add to your list. Normally this might be convenient, but not if you don’t want to check the computer all the time.

So, I used one of my favorite scripting languages, AutoIT to look for these windows and automatically close them. The little application I’ve attached below called skypeclosefeedback checks for either of the above mentioned Skype windows every five seconds and automatically closes them. Just place a shortcut in your Startup folder and it will just sit in your system tray. Enjoy!

..and for those who want to run the source themselves…

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