PC De-Crapifier v1.5 Released

A handful of new features and updates for version 1.5.

Here’s the summary of changes:

  • Removal of troublesome AOL gwseh.dll. Information on this can be found here
  • Added more explicit removal of troublesome gtb.exe and gtb2.exe. More information here.
  • Revamped uninstall functions to supply a “detect” feature. This allows the GUI to only show what programs it knows how to uninstall.
  • Thanks to Vasken Hauri for:
    Adding Uninstaller for Norton Internet Security and fixed an issue with McAffee that prevented uninstall in some cases
  • Added GetSysInfo function that writes out specific registry entries upon first execution. This will be used for users who wish to send in info on their machine to make the program better.

I’d like to just highlight the last item on the list. The first time the PC De-Crapifier runs on a machine it will take a snapshot of RUN and UNINSTALL registry keys before it does anything. It saves this information to: c:\pc-decrap-reg.txt. If you have a brand new out of the box PC and you’ve run the De-Crapifier, but there’s still extra “goodies” that you think should have been removed, please zip and send the c:\pc-decrap-reg.txt file along with the name of the program(s) to: pcdc at yorkspace dot com. This will be particularaly helpful to improve the program. Especially if you have a non-Dell PC I could really use some more data.

Get the new version HERE!

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1 Response to PC De-Crapifier v1.5 Released

  1. Dave Moore says:

    Cool utility! I work every day “in the field” on computer problems, and DeCrapifier is a quick way to get started on turning a new computer into something usable. I even wrote about it in one of my articles that I do for the local newspaper.

    Dave Moore

    Some suggestions based on my latest experience with a new Compaq Presario c300 series laptop:

    NIS 2006 did not uninstall. Clicked button to “force” uninstall, but
    had to say “OK” to many boxes that said “MSI” had to be run, and NIS
    didn’t go away. Had to uninstall it manually.

    It would be nice to add to the uninstall list:

    Customer Experience Enhancement
    Easy Internet Sign-Up
    GemMaster Mystic
    HP Help and Support
    HP Quick Launch Buttons 6.10 A1
    HP Software Update
    Microsoft Money 2006
    My HP Games
    Netscape Browser (remove only)
    Office 2003 Trial Assistant
    WildTangent Web Driver (did not uninstall)
    Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer

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