My Essential PC Application List

As I’ve been installing apps on my laptop I’ve been keeping a list of what I installed. So, this post is basically just a list of applications that are essential for me. I’m hoping you’ll find something interesting or useful too.

Here they are, in no particular order. It may become obvious that I do some PHP/Apache/MySQL development…

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7 Responses to My Essential PC Application List

  1. Rusty says:

    Don’t forget these:

    MWSnap 3.0 – Screen image capture
    Audacity – Audio editing
    BonkEnc – Media file transformation
    FreeMind – Mind map image tool
    Fiddler – HTTP proxy for IE
    Real Alternative – Quicktime player without the adware bloat
    Wink 2.0 – For screencast editing
    Poptray – POP e-mail monitor
    Skype – VOIP and IM tool

    These are on my “essential” app list.

  2. Mauriat says:

    Hmm, good list, lots in common, although I also have:
    Filezilla, Xchat, Gaim
    and eventually I’ll pull down Cygwin and gvim for development

  3. Snake says:

    Yo J-dog, I dig the info. Keep it real. Peace.

  4. Ludad says:

    Thanks for the list
    I would add RealVNC, important for remote access if you have multiple PC’s

  5. anonymous says:

    I would change AVG Anti-virus to Avast! Antivirus (

  6. Sagarat says:

    I would definately use µtorrent (utorrent) over any other bit-torrent programs.

    It’s small, fast, feature packed, and a non-install single executabel, similar to your PC-Decrapifier.

    You should give it a go.

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