Dell De-Crapifier v1.3 Posted

A few nice updates, especially removal of AOL 9.0, UK version.

Version 1.3

  • Split AOL Uninstall into seperate US and UK versions
  • Added DeleteDesktopShortcut and LogDeletingDesktopShortcut
  • Added UninstallMsiByGuid calls to uninstall “Tiscali Internet” and “Wanadoo Europe Installer”. (all above thanks to David Stern)
  • Added ddcRegDelete to log registry deletes
  • Added completion dialog message

Get it Here

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4 Responses to Dell De-Crapifier v1.3 Posted

  1. josh says:

    i am a tech for a electronics company who uninstalls programs off of hp cpq dell gateway emachines sony and toshiba and this is a great start but i would really like to see this project expanded. i have begun working on expanding the program but would appreciate any help. if there are any other program removals that anyone has added or sent in i would appreciate having them available so that i do not have to redo something that has already been done as my time to work on this project is extremely limited. i want to have it remove all trial software and most desktop icons as well as some of the programs from starting up and then apply some registry tweeks. i was unable to find jason york’s email address but if i can get it i will keep him updated on any future developments. eventually i would like to try to add autopatcher into this program and have it automatically do all the updates without me having to attend to the computer which i am pretty sure is possible.

  2. Started working on this script as well. Added numerous additions with the UninstallMsiByGuid() function. Currently working on adding another function UninstallLiveUpdate but haveing problems with it being called and executed even though its not called and the file exist condition is not met.

    Also, once this is resolved, as mentioned, i plan to create a GUI that would allow users to select which software to uninstall.

  3. SEO Brad says:

    I just bought a brand new dell, supposed to arrive tomorrow. I will identify all the junk software on it once I have detected it. I am curious as to how much actual space and memory that junk consumes. I will probably have that info in the next week or so.


  4. man says:

    Beautiful. This thing is exactly what I have been looking for. Just got a new dell, was thinking I would have to format c: the whole thing to get rid of all the crap they put on it.

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