Synchronizing Podcasts to a Pocket PC

Ok, so there are a ton a websites out there that talk about synchronizing podcasts with a Pocket PC. However, I didn’t find one that’s exactly like the solution I came up with. Here’s what I did.

What I wanted to do seems simple: download podcasts and transfer them to my Pocket PC. If I listen to a podcast, I’ll delete on the Pocket PC and I don’t ever want it to get synced up again. In fact, I don’t need it on my PC anymore either.

So, the first step is to get the podcasts downloaded on my PC. For this, I used iPodder. Very simple program. I don’t need or want anything fancy, so this is great. I have it configured such that it will check for podcasts when started. I also have a shortcut for iPodder in my Startup program group.

iPodder Options

The next step is to set up the sync. I chose to sync up with my
SD card using a USB flash card reader. From what I’ve read, trying to use ActiveSync is really slow and complicated. If you always just want to sync with main memory, then you can just setup iPodder to save to the “Pocket_PC My Documents” folder on your desktop. However, that’s not really practical since main memory fills up quick. So really, this process can apply to any mass storage device.

To accomplish the sync, I used Microsoft’s SyncToy. It’s very simple to set up. Just pop the storage card in your PC, then use SyncToy to set up the folders. It’s very simple. The only part you have to think about is if you want the podcasts to be removed from the PC when you delete them from the PPC. If so, then select “Synchronize” when asked “What do you want to do?” To keep them on your PC, but not sync them again when deleted from the PPC, then select “Contribute”

Most articles I’ve read just stop there. However, I wanted to make it REALLY easy to sync up. So, I’ve actually found a use for that annoying Autorun dialog that pops up when you insert removable media. Download and install the TweakUI PowerToy for Windows XP.

Look under My Computer -> Autoplay -> Handlers. Select Create. Enter in the information like the screenshot below. The SyncToy program should be located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\SyncToy. In the Args box, make sure to replace “Podcasts on PPC” with whatever you called your Folder Pair in SyncToy.

New Autoplay Handler

Save your changes and close down TweakUI. Now, next time you insert your SD card, the AutoPlay box pops up and you just double click synchronize. Then SyncToy runs and closes and your done!


That should do it. Hope it works out for you too!

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3 Responses to Synchronizing Podcasts to a Pocket PC

  1. I’ve developed an easier (hopefully) solution for transferring podcasts from Desktop to Pocket PC. Check it out at You can download podcasts on the desktop client, pop in your storage card and transfer it over. I could really use some feedback, so let me know what you think!


  2. william steer says:

    This is the greatest thing for setting up ‘auto Sync’. I am a student that uses Removable Drive to transfer files from various workstations. While I have been using SyncToy for about a year the TweakUI PowerToy tip just made my life a whole lot eaiser! Thank you very much for the tip!
    Thank You,

    PS: WordPress users make the best blogs

  3. Chris MJ says:

    Sorry – meant to say this (please delete the original comment!):

    Great solution – neat and elegant.

    One minor adjustment – with SyncToy version 2.0, the program to use is “SyncToyCmd.exe” rather than SyncToy.

    Thanks. Chris

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