Putting Digital Photos into a Picture Frame

Creating the Layers

  • If you have a scanned image of the traced holes, load this into the background. In the image window, select File -> Open as Layer. Find your scanned file. Then scale the layer to fit your image size by right clicking on the new layer in the layer window, select Scale Layer and set it to the same dimensions as your page size. Finally, from the image window, select Image -> Flatten Image. This moves your scanned template to the background layer.
  • The Gimp deals with everything in layers. So for our template the best way to do this is to create a new layer for each hole in our frame. To do this, create the first layer by clicking on the New Layer icon New Layer Iconon the Layers, Channels & Paths window. Change the Layer Name to Photo Hole 1. Set the Layer Fill Type to Transparency and click OKCreating a new Layer
  • Now, you see your new layer above the background. Next, we’ll create a layer mask for our Photo Hole 1 layer. This will allow us to open up a “hole” in the layer so that we see only the part of the picture we want.

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