Logitech Cordless Navigator Duo

After having many positive experiences with Logitech products, I bought this this wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I was specifically looking for something for my mythtv box. Since it is installed in my entertainment center, it is difficult to have a wired keyboard plugged in.

So, when I saw this keyboard for sale on one of my favorite deal sites, I tried to do some research to find out if it is Linux compatible. Unfortunately I was not able to find a lot of useful information on this specific product, but I bought it anyway. So, this is why I’m writing this article.

Fortunately, this product IS Linux compatible. In fact, it should work with any operating system, since it has a PS/2 connector for the keyboard and mouse. That makes it easy to set up and no special drivers are required.

When after plugging in the receiver, and powering up the devices the first time, be sure to press the “connect” buttons on each. The one on the keyboard is obvious, but the one on the mouse is a little harder to see. It’s on the bottom.

The range seems to be adequate; I can easily sit back on the couch and it works great. However, right away I discovered that you really need line of sight to the reciver for the best performance. Don’t plan on stuffing the receiver away behind the PC, because then it probably won’t work.

The response and accuracy is good. The devices do seem to go into “sleep” mode after awhile, in which you need to wake them up with a couple key presses or clicks. Without
the Logitech drivers loaded under Windows, you won’t be able to use the extended “media” keys. However, this is not something I cared about.

Battery life so far has been great. After a month of use, they’re still alive.

I paid $30 for this combo, and I still think it was a good deal. I’m happy to give a “thumbs-up” to another good quality Logitech product.

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